Tax and Organization Assessment Ssercot SPA was created in 1997 as a company that gave external administration services to other companies, external accounting control, tax planning for companies and partners, and financial and personal resource optimization management.

Afterwards, as a way of optimizing administrative aspects, we created Tax and Accounting Assessments Ssercot SPA. Aset Limited in 2003. This is a company that focuses on companies that have their capital abroad.

During 2012 we developed the concept of representation of companies in Chile , strengthening the area of logistics and distribution, concluding with business folder both at home and abroad.

The constant search for opportunities led us to deepen and broaden our vision, making us a company focused on business management and seeking strategic alliances with our clients.

We have currently included internal auditing, accounting, fraud detection and prevention auditing, corporate governance, and Law 20,393 (bribery) services.

We use our own work methodology, which allows us to adapt and intervene in each company’s dynamics, giving personalized solutions that meet each client’s needs. We strive for our services to be transversal and comprehensive in every aspect of human resources for any organization. This makes us strong strategic allies, from the creation of a management system, to incorporating new talents, evaluation, training and self-management.

Our company has a structure that allows us to detect our potential clients’ specific needs as well as the needs of our current clients. This way we maintain a fluid communication and give solutions to specific needs, thus achieving excellent results.

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